Aldro School Council

    The School Council was established in 2010 ‘to enable all boys at Aldro to contribute towards the continuous improvement of the school community’.

    There are 14 boys and a member of staff on the Council.  The boys are elected by their peers each term and it is chaired by a Year 8 boy.  Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month and the boys discuss a wide range of topics relating to school life including environmental issues, food, drink, sport and fundraising ideas.

    We believe the School Council provides an opportunity for pupils to develop important life skills through listening, accepting different opinions, learning to find consensus and compromise and taking responsibility for certain projects.

    Ideas from the school council that have been implemented to date include:

    • Activities
    • Fundraising for example A South Africa mufti day in aid of the school’s charity
    • Healthier short tea options
    • Excursions
    • Plans for use of the facilities at school.

    Once the meeting is over, Mr Jordan produces minutes for the reps to feedback to their classes.  He will then act upon the ideas by speaking to relevant staff members and try to implement the ideas that are feasible.

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