Form 3, 4 and 5 Recitals

We believe performance is everything, each time a boy gets up to perform they take another step forward.

Thank you to all the family members who came and supported our first recitals of the year, it makes such a difference for the boys to present in front of such an enthusiastic audience, and the boys were quite spectacular with their varied performances. In a performance environment, it is easy to focus souly on one’s own performance, and let attention slip, and rustle paper, or whisper, but they were all so well behaved and amazingly generous in their appreciation and encouragement of each other. All boys start at different levels, and have different journeys, not unlike strictly come dancing, just without the spray tan and sequins! We were thrilled with just how composed the boys were, and just how funny, strong and entertaining they all were in their performances, bring on the Godalming Festival!

Now as you can see from the photo, Form 5 had their recital last week, and strict Lamda etiquette was observed by all! What a fantastic follow up to the 3&4 recital. It is hard to think back to the quiet, almost timid by comparison, recital from these boys last year, and trying to compare the two evenings just makes us giggle. What a difference a year makes, all the boys just blew us away.