Form 7 trip to Brookwood cemetery

On arriving at Brookwood, the boys heard about the tragic diary extracts of World War One soldiers and some of the haunting poems from that war in the impressive American Mausoleum.  Then they set about the task of visiting the graves to prepare notes to use in our poems on the life of a soldier, which included writing down some of the powerful inscriptions on gravestones.  As they did, the sound of gunfire from Bisley echoed though the cemetery eerily. After a quick snack break Mr Swan, the former Head of History, explained how some family members would choose to be buried in the same grave and about some specific people who helped change the course of history from SAS officers to spies to those who were mysteriously killed when a plane was blown up deliberately.  The boys also visited some foreign graves, such as Americans, French and North Africans. After that they had a look at some more recent graves that sadly were as new as 2015. For all the boys in year 7, this trip was powerfully educational, but also tremendously sentimental.