Lancing French Poetry Competition 2019 - 7th March

This Year Seven cannot get enough French since returning from Normandy in October.  Give them a task and they accomplish it to an exceptionally high standard be it in class, the standard of their French Trip Journals and now the learning of French poetry. James, Oliver, Alexandros, Freddie, Ben, Oliver, Dominic and Gabriel  headed off across country, ably navigated by Dominic to arrive in time for lunch in Lancing’s impressive Hogwartsian gothic dining Hall with portraits, oak panelling and all!  Then off to the business of the Concours itself in the Modern Languages Department.

Poems were recited first with our boys impressing me, at least, with their good eye contact, clear articulation and conveying the feel of the languid heat of Ramuz’s Chaleur.   However, it became apparent from the encouraging feedback that what the judges were really looking for was Gallic gesticulation. 

 The Prize Giving  was held this year in the Sanderson Room, a library version of the dining Hall and it came as no surprise but huge delight when Gabriel was announced winner of our category as the most Gallically expressive of us all.  Perhaps it was the kiss he blew Mlle Fryer, his judge, half way through his talk on cooking that did the trick?