Results of the National Prep School Athletics Competition - 1st July

Two boys ventured up to Birmingham this year to compete at the Alexander Stadium in the National Athletics Championship.  Perch for the triple jump and James for the shot put. 

Both arrived in good confidence, with very limited practice opportunities this year they still managed to win their respective West Surrey and Sports Day events.  However they both knew that it would be much tougher going today. 

James competed in a field of 19 athletes, all vying for the national title.  3 initial throws would decide who then threw a fourth time, to decide the winner.  Unfortunately James fell just short of the cut off, and came a very respectable 10th out of 19.  It is worth remembering though that's 10th Nationally! 

Perch's competition followed the same pattern, 3 jumps then a final jump for the top 8.  Perch did very well, and qualified in 8th place with a jump of 10.00m on his third jump.  He then jumped a much improved 10.17m which placed him in 4th overall nationally.  Only 3cm off third! 

Overall, a very successful day for the boys.  It goes to show that we can compete nationally and next year we hope to have more athletes at Birmingham.  

The boys then went straight to the Brecon Beacons to join the rest of Form 8 to enjoy their last week together before they leave Aldro.