Sport for All

    Sport plays a huge role here at Aldro and indeed in the lives of all our boys. Our aim is to promote enjoyment and a sense of fun through participation in all sports whilst endeavouring to improve skill levels and develop an understanding of the values that are the back bone of team sports.

    We strongly encourage participation and strive to breed a desire to be active and healthy. We work extremely hard to develop sportsmanship and an overall understanding of both winning and losing in order to develop well rounded young men.  We are determined to deliver sport for all whilst maintaining our position as one of the best prep schools for sport in Surrey.

    There is no better example of the ethos of the school than the annual Grimston Cup.  Every boy in the school takes part in this cross country competition by Year Group and the boys all cheer on their Squad team mates. Boys play sport every day and we pride ourselves on fielding representative teams covering the whole spectrum of abilities on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday match days.  On average every year we have:

    • 27 football teams
    • 19 rugby teams
    • 19 cricket teams. 

    Last year these teams collectively played 202 football fixtures, 117 rugby matches and 86 cricket matches against other schools.

    Just a quick glance at the school calendar demonstrates the huge number of inter-school fixtures in which we participate. This is a feature of our school life. It is not only the sport, but the healthy rivalry between Aldro and our neighbouring schools that excites, inspires and drives our boys to perform at their very best regardless of their ability. We pride ourselves on giving each and every pupil the opportunity to represent the school in some form of sport. The life experience gained and the pleasure felt are expressed through this participation is almost immeasurable.

    Every boy gets the opportunity to represent Aldro across all the major sports.  We also have the provision in place for the boys who do not want to play particular sports to do something constructive with their time instead of regular games (e.g. non-contact group for rugby).

    The boys have a pre-season football camp at Aldro open to the whole school which regularly gets more than 100 boys attending.  This year there was a very enjoyable pre-season football tour to Valencia.  There is an annual pre-season rugby tour to Sherborne for about 75 boys from Years 6-8 and pre-season cricket nets are open to all the boys throughout the Lent Term and Easter holidays. 

    In July 2015 the Earl of Wessex KG GCVO opened The Aston Sports Centre which provides a fantastic new sports facility for cricket nets, basketball, badminton and PE to name but a few.  This has enabled Aldro to set up its own Cricket Academy for our boys.

    In the spring of 2018 Director of Cricket at Charterhouse Martin Bicknell officially opened our new outdoor cricket nets.

    In addition every summer the Director of Sport leads the Aldro Summer School of Sport.  This is open to all boys and their friends from other schools and is run by a team of Aldro staff.  Activities including bike rides, swimming, tug of war and a wide range of other sporty activities which run from 10am-3pm each day in the first week of the summer holidays.

    Recent Sporting Highlights

    Alongside our ethos of ‘Sport for All’ we also manage to produce real excellence on the sports field every year.  Here is a summary of just some of the school’s successes last year.

    Football 2017-18

    • U11 A Surrey plate finalists
    • U10 A Charterhouse Tournament - Cup Winners       

    Rugby 2017-18

    • U10 A Rugby - Westbourne House - Winners
    • U11 Sevens - Churchers Prep - Cup Winners
    • U11 Sevens - PGS - Cup Winners
    • U13 Sevens - Aldro Cup Winners

    Hockey 2017-18

    • U10 A Hockey - Charterhouse Tournament - Cup Winners

    Cricket 2017-18

    • U10 A Cricket - Danes Hill Tournament - Plate Winners

    Individual Achievements

    M Money (U11), T Niel (U13), B Bushnell (U13), M Talty (U13), F Proctor (U13) and A Hewitt (U13) were selected for the Lions Prep School  Squads in 2017-18.  All these boys had the opportunity to play in the World Youth Gothia Tournament in Sweden and Alfie was chosen to carry the flag of England and lead all the boys accross the pitch.

    P Hughes, A Hewitt, C Thompson, S Huet – Harlequins Academy trialists 

    S Huet – now at  Spanish Tennis Academy

    Nationals Athletics Qualifiers:

    S. Huet – 200m

    K. Mackay – High Jump

    P. Hughes – 300m

    L. Hepworth – Triple Jump

    J. Cassar – Shot Put

    P. Suwannakit– 200m

    F. Bennet – 100m

    P Suwannakit - 6TH Overall in 200m Final.


    • Promote enjoyment and a sense of fun
    • Encourage participation
    • Breed a love of sport
    • Improve skill levels and an understanding of sport
    • Develop sportsmanship
    • Develop an overall understanding of winning and losing
    • Develop an appreciation that success is only achieved through hard work
    • Encourage both staff and pupils to strive for excellence.

    Aldro is a school which promotes boys participating together naturally and equally in all areas of school life. Each and every boy at Aldro has the right to be considered and treated as equal irrespective of ability or age.

    In order to achieve this, our aims are to:

    • Give all pupils access to the Physical and Sports education curriculum.
    • Ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities for individual development and progression within Sport and Physical Education at the school.
    • Introduce and develop a variety of sports providing the opportunity for every pupil to participate and succeed.
    • Seek and use teaching strategies which are most effective in promoting equality and generating positive self-images.

    Our Major Sports

    The major sports played at Aldro are as follows:


    • Forms 5-8: September to Mid November
    • Forms 3&4: September to December


    • Forms 5-8:  Mid November to Lent half term
    • Forms 3&4: December to March

    Rugby Sevens

    • Forms 6-8:Lent half term to end of Lent term


    • Forms 5-8:Lent half term to end of Lent term


    • Forms 3-8: April to July

    Sport is played in individual year groups up until Form 7 when the boys combine with the Form 8.  Boys also play tennis, golf and have judo lessons as well as a full programme of athletics and all boys participate in five events at Sports Day.

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