The War Memorial Chapel

    The chapel was originally built as a barn around 1806 when Lord Midleton of Peperharow bought this estate.

    You can still see where the great doors were on either side of the building; one side is now the organ loft but the curved beam that once was over the doors on the other side is clearly visible. These doors allowed air flow through so that men threshing grain in the main part of the barn could have the chaff blown away and so they would only be left with the ears of wheat which could then be swept up and put into sacks.

    When Sir Edgar Horne took over Hall Place in 1894 he used the barn as his garage. In 1940 Aldro relocated to its present site and the barn was still used as a garage until 1949 when it was turned into "The War Memorial Chapel". Bishop Reindorp (Bishop of Guildford) took the service when it was dedicated to the fifty-seven Aldro boys who gave their lives in both World War I and World War II.

    Frederick Earnest Hill (FEH) who was the Headmaster at Aldro between 1923 and 1952, bequeathed an organ which still remains in the chapel and dates from 1785 and many of the pews in the Chapel were given by Old Aldronians.  

    The War Memorial Chapel is where the Aldro community gathers together for a daily act of worship, providing the school with a meeting place and a start to the working day. Our simple act of worship always includes a hymn, reading and prayer, as well as a homily, offering a thought for the day applicable to the whole community.

    As a school we are very proud of our strong choral tradition and our chapel choir adds a different spiritual dimension to our worship. We welcome visiting preachers at these services who are drawn from many senior public schools. Boys take an active part in all our services.

    Chapel Choir

    As well as singing in chapel the Choir frequently perform outside of school singing Evensong at local churches.

    Confirmation Service

    Each year the senior boys can choose to be Confirmed and are prepared for this by a member of staff. This special service is held in the Aldro chapel led by either the Bishop of Guildford or the Bishop of Dorking.  It is a wonderful occasion with family, friends and God-parents attending in support of the boys.  

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