Why boys only?


    Aldro is designed as a boys’ paradise, so everything is geared to help boys thrive and develop as individuals in all aspects of life, both academic and extra-curricular. We give our boys the space, opportunities and support to develop at their own pace. The boys-only setting in the classroom helps teachers to teach in a way that works for boys and which can be directly focused on their needs.  

    There are many academic benefits from a boys-only environment and research has shown that girls tend to mature more quickly than boys in every way - academically, socially and physically. Many respected child psychologists regularly comment on this - as the well-known Australian, Steve Biddulph did when he spoke at Aldro. This evidence also supports the notion that boys in single-sex schools take on more musical pursuits, languages and the arts than they would in co-ed schools. We also know that boys and girls can approach the same tasks in radically different ways; so just by teaching them as single-sex, we allow boys to be boys.

    At single-sex schools, there is freedom to make the curriculum bespoke to boys’ learning. We see this first hand in the style of books we study, types of creative challenges and tasks set and the range of extra-curricular activities and sports we offer. In fact, people often comment on how our boys can’t do enough reading, express themselves artistically and are desperate to join the choir.

    In an age when children can be under pressure to grow up quickly, a boys-only environment helps to preserve childhood. We love the fact that the boys here are not under pressure to "impress the girls" and our 12 and 13 year olds are still very happy to play chase, hunt for conkers, climb on our school fort, get muddy – in fact do all the things that boys love doing. Our wonderful secluded setting helps the boys to have so many opportunities just to be boys; this in turn allows them to mature at their own pace.

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