School Reviews

We are delighted with the outcomes of the recent ISI report, and offer you just a few of the many high-lights it holds within.

The inspectors judged that our “pupils are extremely well educated in accordance with the aims of the School. This is reflected in their high standards of achievement and their excellent levels of success in extra-curricular activities.”  

They found the quality of pupils’ learning, achievements of pupils, curriculum and extra-curriculum provision all to be excellent.

“There is an excellent curriculum which offers breadth and opportunity for all. This is enhanced by an outstanding extra-curricular programme.”

Where we were most pleased is their recognition of the successes and attitude of our boys: “pupils are open and friendly and show emotional maturity but are still able to enjoy the wonder and excitement of childhood”.

This speaks to our fundamental ethos and aim of bringing out the best in boys: “The pupils’ attitudes to learning are a strength of the school, and pupils work well together and instinctively support one another’s learning.”

Further to our ethos and values, the inspectors judged our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development to be excellent and noted that: “Pupils display a strong spiritual and moral awareness, high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem”.

We want to make sure that outcomes for our boys reflect this same level of care; “Safeguarding is given extremely high prominence by all members of the school community and the procedures put in place reflect high levels of concern for the well-being of every pupil.”

Boarding was praised for its excellence in terms of outcomes, provision and facilities: “The quality of boarding provision and care is excellent”. We were thrilled that they recognised “the many and varied opportunities available enable them to develop excellent interpersonal skills with staff and their peers.”

We are most definitely a community school, and the inspectors really valued the “open door policy, whereby parents can communicate with teachers when needed”. We are also grateful to the feedback from parents who “unanimously agreed that they are encouraged to be actively involved in many aspects of school life”.

We treated this inspection with a partnership framework in mind, and were very positive about the communication with the team. Recommendations for further school improvement are being addressed quickly and efficiently. We very much hope that you will enjoy reading the 2016 report below and that you will find it to be both interesting and informative. 

Integrated Inspection 2016

Interim Boarding Report 2013

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