Aldro has always enjoyed a strong academic reputation and our pupils regularly achieve major scholarships to many top public schools including Charterhouse, Eton, Radley, Wellington and Winchester.  The aim of the curriculum is to provide pupils with a stimulating and broad education that prepares them for the challenges of senior schools and beyond.  Our scholarship and Common Entrance results demonstrate that pupils do indeed develop their potential. The end results – an impressive array of scholarships and 100% Common Entrance success.

The rich and varied curriculum is stimulating and suitably demanding but, at the same time, flexible enough to suit the ability of each child. There are two forms in each year group. When the pupils approach their final years they are split into three smaller forms focusing on either Common Entrance, or Scholarship papers and specific examinations such as Winchester Entrance.

In small classes and under close supervision, children follow an exceptionally broad curriculum, which offers English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Music, Drama, ICT, Design Technology, Physical Education, Mandarin and PSHE. Latin is taught from Form 5. A system of credits, stars and squad marks rewards and acknowledges good work, effort and positive behaviour.  From Years 3 -8 the children complete all their prep at school before they go home.  We have established an excellent Learning Support Department which provides individual, specific help for pupils who require strategies to address their particular needs.

Aldro is exceptional in that it has subject specialist teachers throughout the school. It also has superb facilities including a dedicated Art and Design Technology block and ICT suite. The School Librarian is responsible for running the impressive Library, which is well-stocked and has its own computer area. The Sciences are taught in well-equipped laboratories and from Form 6 they are taught as separate subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

With Geography and History we take maximum advantage of our local area for regular field studies and independent research projects are undertaken in subjects such as Religious Education. An important part of Aldro’s education is teaching pupils about the importance of taking responsibility for their own learning, rather than just being ‘spoon-fed’. Senior schools comment on the fact that our pupils are exceptionally well-prepared for the demands of the more independent style of learning required at this next stage of schooling.

The majority of pupils join Aldro at the age of seven (Form 3). The offer of a place is determined by an entrance test. The Junior Department consists of two Form 3 and Form 4 classes. In these formative years the aim is to provide a smooth transition from the previous school into prep school life at Aldro. In the first year pupils are taught by their form teacher for the core subjects English and Maths as well as Activities and Games, so there is considerable daily contact with every child in the form. Throughout the school, the Form Tutor plays a crucial role in monitoring each child's progress both academically and socially, giving them a solid foundation of learning on which to build and providing importance skills and values for the future.