Common Entrance

Whilst a few pupils leave Aldro to enter their senior schools  aged 11, the vast majority continue to age 13, aiming to take the ISEB Common Entrance exam or to gain Scholarship entry to their senior schools. Before the real exams in June, the pupils sit two sets of practice or 'trial' exams, set in the Christmas term and one in the Lent term. This exam practice allows considerable opportunity to identify any weaknesses and gives time for intervention and improvement.

Aldro's record, showing consistently strong Common Entrance and Scholarship results, speaks for itself.  We are keen to maintain this, and Aldro's teachers are constantly looking at the needs of the senior schools and assessing how these can best be met.

The Common Entrance results in 2023 were excellent again with all pupils passing to their first-choice school, and an abundance of A*s, A’s and B’s.  Many congratulations to all pupils and their teachers.