Aldro aims to provide a rich and varied curriculum which is stimulating and suitably demanding and flexible enough to suit the ability of each child and to bring out the best in all of our pupils.

"The school successfully achieves its aim of encouraging pupils' curiosity, critical thinking, independence of thought and strength of character through an innovative learning experience and inspirational teaching’"

ISI report Feb 2023

Aldro has a strong academic tradition and we are proud of the broad curriculum on offer to the pupils, enabling all pupils to have the opportunity to learn and make progress. We strive to prepare pupils for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life whilst also giving them the time to appreciate a wide range of artistic, creative and sporting experiences and covering the important elements of personal and social education.

The Aldro Baccalaureate Curriculum has the expectations of the Independent Schools’ Examination Board (ISEB) as a basis, but we are aiming for greater breadth and depth in our academic curriculum. This is achieved through specialist teachers from Year 5 onwards and setting in many subjects.

Our curriculum includes the full range of Arts, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, and Sport and all children experience a broad spectrum of extra-curriculum activities. More information about the content of the curriculum of particular subjects in each year group can be found in the curriculum summaries on the parents’ portal.