Fees and Bursaries

The fees per term for 2022 - 2023  

Registration: A non-refundable fee of £100

Deposit: An entry deposit of £1000 is required (a full term's boarding fee for the children of non UK residents) to confirm acceptance once a place has been offered. This will be refunded after the end of the final term, less any outstanding charges, but is otherwise non-refundable.


  Day per term:

  Form 3


    Form 4   £7,370

  Forms 5 - 8


  Boarding per term:

  Form 3


    Form 4   £9,610

  Forms 5 - 8


Learning Support   £345.00 per term for 1:1 lessons

EAL Support Packages - Please contact the Bursar for more details

Below are the costs for boarding per term to be added to the day fee:

  Full boarding  

  Weekly boarding


  Four night boarding


  Three night boarding


  Two night boarding


  One night boarding


  One night weekday boarding   £60 per night


Fees include lunch & majority of day trips

Means-tested Bursaries and Fee Discount Policy

The Governors of Aldro are committed to broad access to the school by offering to eligible parents, means-tested financial support with the payment of schools fees.  Such support may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants. Bursary awards are subject to repeat testing of parental means each year and may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on parental circumstances.  

Additional Assistance

In addition to means-tested bursaries, Aldro also offers the following additional assistance.

Additional Assistance

  • Armed Forces: a discount for boarding places to the value of 20% is available to current serving members of the armed forces.
  • Staff: a discount is available for current members of staff.  Staff may also be eligible for a mean-tested bursary if they are not able to afford the residual fees after a staff discount has been applied.
  • Clergy: a discount of 20% is available to those in full-time Christian ministry.
  • Siblings: When three children attend simultaneously a sibling discount of 20% for the youngest child will be applicable.

In addition to the School’s bursary fund, there are a number of educational and charitable trusts which provide assistance with tuition fees. In the majority of cases, these are to assist children who are already attending a fee paying school and due to a change of circumstances may be unable to remain.  Aldro School encourages parents/guardians to apply for support where it is felt a good case can be made for assistance.  Further information on how to pursue such assistance may be obtained from the Bursar bursar@aldro.org)

The Educational Trusts Forum 
Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation
Email: admin@royalspringboard.org.uk 
Website: www.royalspringboard.org.uk