Term Dates

Here at Aldro we operate each year on the following schedule:

Christmas Term: Late August/early September to mid-December with a two week Half term in late October/early November

Lent Term: Early January to mid/late March with a one week half term in February.

Summer Term: Mid/late April to early July with a half term at the end of May/early June.


Lent Term 2023

Start:                   Sunday 8th January (boarders)                            

                              Monday 9th January (day pupils)

Half Term:         3.30pm Friday 10th February to 8pm Sunday 19th February

End of Term:    3.30pm Friday 24th March

Weekend Leaves:  28-29 January, 11-12 March                              


Summer Term 2023

Start:                         Tuesday 18th April 5pm (boarders)                            

                                    Wednesday 19th April (day pupils)

Half Term:                3.30pm Friday 26th May – 8pm Sunday 4th June

End of Term:           Prize-Giving, Saturday 8th July

Weekend Leaves:  29 April - 1 May (Includes Bank Holiday)* , 6-8 May (Includes Bank Holiday) *,  23-25 *June (depart 6pm Thursday 22 June)

Christmas Term 2023 

Start:                  Wednesday 6th September, 5pm (boarders)                            

                             Thursday 7th September (day pupils)

Half Term:         3.30pm Friday 20th October to 8pm Sunday 5th November

End of Term:    Tuesday 12th December after the Carol Service

Weekend Leaves:  23-24 September, 7-8 October and 25-26 November


Lent Term 2024 

Start:                   Sunday 7th January, 5pm (boarders)                            

                              Monday 8th January (day pupils)

Half Term:         3.30pm Friday 9th February to 8pm Sunday 18th February

End of Term:    3.30pm Friday 22nd March

Weekend Leaves:  27-28 January, 9-10 March                              


Summer Term 2024 

Start:                         Tuesday 16th April, 5pm (boarders)                            

                                    Wednesday 17th April (day pupils)

Half Term:                3.30pm Friday 24th May – 8pm Sunday 2nd June

End of Term:           Prize-Giving, Saturday 6th July

Weekend Leaves:  4th-6th May* (Includes Bank Holiday), 21-23 *June (depart 6pm Thursday 20 June)

Weekend Leaves begin at 3.30pm on the Friday       

*In the Summer Term, there are two three-day Weekend Leaves.