At Aldro, our Co-Curricular programme is designed to complement our Curriculum, the two
working in tandem to cultivate in our pupils those key skills for life that form part of our
broader educational vision.

Our pupils learn to persevere, for example, when sweating over a complex Maths problem,
when struggling to learn their grade 8 exam piece or when they are halfway around the
Grimston Cup cross-country course and feel like giving up. What does it matter how such
skills are learnt; it is surely the gradual development of such skills over time, however
acquired, that will ultimately prove to be so important for our pupils in life beyond Aldro.

Our Co-Curricular programme is designed with the development in mind of such skills as
Communication, Creativity, Teamwork, Responsibility, Independence and Perseverance.
Correspondingly, the Co-Curricular programme is no optional add-on at Aldro, it constitutes
an integral part of an Aldro education with which we expect all the pupils to engage. Much of
the time, of course, their Co-Curricular activities will be the highlight of their day!

The Co-Curricular provision at Aldro includes our Sports programme, our Outdoor Education
programme, the non-curriculum aspects of Music, Drama, Art and Design Technology, as
well as our broad range of additional activities, from Debating to Cookery and Model
Railway Club to Chess.