Drama at Aldro is fun and uplifting and embodies the Aldro Baccaulaureate core values. Development of language and communication skills are an important element of drama work at Aldro, as are encouraging independent work, positive group interaction, negotiation skills and maintaining appropriate responses and facilitating creative expression.

Each form in years 3-8  has one drama lesson a week in which we aim to develop the children's confidence, self-esteem and drama skills through a range of topics and stimulating exercises.

They happily throw themselves into a variety of entertaining roles as they improvise, mime, communicate, move, explore pre-existing characters and invent their own. Drama is an inclusive subject in which group work is key and communication is essential. The pupils make remarkable progress and enter the next stage of their education as confident individuals, competent speakers and in many cases exceptional performers.

The Drama Department aims to adapt to the changes and needs of Aldro offering the pupils and wider community an opportunity to experience a range of different performances and performance styles. This changes on a yearly basis, but is usually set in the following ways.


LAMDA was reintroduced to Aldro in 2016 and currently almost 50% of pupils opt to take these additional lessons, which are given on a weekly rotational basis. Students have an opportunity to perform during termly informal showcases and twice yearly examination sessions are held here at Aldro.

School Productions

Forms 3 to 7 are invited to audition for various School Productions and all pupils who wish to take part are welcomed to the stage. We introduce them to vocabulary and practice associated with professional theatre and it is absolutely fundamental that the cast and crew gain a real sense of the enjoyment and excitement that comes from being involved in a production. These shows are extremely well supported in their production and audiences by family, friends and staff. Recently we have put on memorable performances of School of Rock, HMS Pinafore and the Lion King, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which featured a staggering 90 boys on stage! and High School Musical.

Leavers' Show

During drama lessons and in the weeks following Common Entrance, the Leavers take part in a fabulous range of comedy and drama as they prepare intensely and energetically for a show to mark their time at Aldro. This is an appropriate moment to reflect on the years they have spent here with us and their contribution to the school. This is a wonderful occasion where the pupils cement their friendships and say farewell to their Prep school in style.