OA Committee

Old Aldronian Association

If you have lot touch with us and would like to be included in our mailings please sent your email address to oasec@aldro.org

President - Robert Stovold Esq


William Stanley-Evans Committee Chairman willstanleyevans@hotmail.com
O A 1987

Victoria Smith Treasurer bursar@aldro.org
Bursar 2019 –

Chris Rose  


Deputy Head 2005 –

Richard Gairdner
O A 1993

Susan Leach
Staff 1980 - 2012

Oliver O'Donovan
O A 1994

Chris Carlier Headmaster
Staff 2019 –


Yves Lombardot
Staff 1998 -

Rupert Pritchett
O A 1987

Nuggy Coltart

Max Wong
O A 2001

Sheridan Charles Secretary and Editor Magazine


Staff 2009

Vivien Gillman


Charles Brooks
O A 1969

Jonathan Langridge
O A 2000

Alexander More - Molyneux
O A 1996

Neil Tomlin
O A 1989